Energy & Environment

Energy & Environment

Ami knows that Minnesotans enjoy our state’s many lakes, state parks, and other natural resources. She believes that we must do all we can to ensure that current and future generations of Minnesotans enjoy healthy lives and get to experience the beauty that is the North Star State.

Ami believes that we must take steps to combat climate change and transition to renewable energy; hold polluters accountable for their actions; and invest in sustainable agricultural practices that are better for farmers and the environment.

During her first term as a legislator, Ami introduced legislation to ban TCE after a company (Water Gremlin) in the district was found to be emitting excessive amounts of the carcinogenic chemical. This bill was passed by the House and Senate during the 2020 legislative session and signed into law by Governor Walz, making Minnesota the first state to ban this toxic chemical.

Ami also authored legislation to create a TCE stakeholders group and emissions account, as well as legislation to facilitate better community awareness of situations similar to what happened at Water Gremlin. She also authored bills that would establish a residential energy efficiency grant program; require the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to hold public hearings before finalizing a stipulation agreement or consent decree with certain facilities; and require more frequent and rigorous testing and expanded reporting requirements for facilities with potential air pollutants.

Ami also co-authored other energy/environment-related legislation, including legislation that would:

  • Increase funding for the Forever Green initiative*
  • Prohibit the use of certain flame-retardant chemicals
  • Provide a temporary credit for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems
  • Prohibit labeling pesticide-treated plants as pollinator friendly
  • Increase penalties for those found guilty of certain felonies, including some permit and rule violations
  • Call for assessing cumulative impacts to communities when issuing air quality permits

*This legislation was passed and signed into law.